Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28, 250

Today I'm 250. 35 pounds lost. It feels like it took as long to get from 30 to 35 as it did to get from 0 to 30, but it definitely didn't so I don't know what's wrong with me. Still on track to hit 220 in October.

Yesterday I was slack about the plan. I improvised. I probably wound up eating fewer calories than I would have, but the point is I don't need to be getting slack.

My problem was the internet, and that's why I'm putting the computer away today after blogging. It's stealing my life. I stayed on the computer so long I was late going to the gym. I finished the gym, but by the time I got back from an hour of weightlifting, my friend was already waiting for me to take me to the movie. I didn't have time to make oat bran cereal. So I grabbed up a piece of rye bread, bluberries and strawberries and almonds as a makeshift breakfast. It was 4:00pm, by the way.

It was so late by the time I got around the eating again, and I was so hungry, that I just skipped snack and prepared lunch.

Then it was so late again and I was so sleepy, that I had second snack (minus the dressing) and only made the fish for dinner, not the rice, and I didn't have any zucchini left so I just didn't have the vegetable or the fruit, just the fish - which I left in the oven too long, burning the tomatoes.

I don't feel like I'm going to go off and binge or anything, but I worry about signs that I'm getting slack before I get to 220, and the computer is to blame. I did plan my meals for the week last night but didn't make it to the grocery store, so I don't even think I have the foods I need for breakfast. See what I mean?

So today I'm putting my computer under the bed and focusing on real, corporeal life, WHICH I LIKE BETTER ANYWAY!!

Staying on track... Hallie


jo said...

I'm get it about spending too much time online. I read a lot of blogs and it is time consuming. I am working on finding a balance, because I believe it helps me on my journey but it sure eats away at the time.

Good going recognizing it. Hope you enjoy your day!

Crys said...

35 pounds is amazing! You make a great point about the computer. I'm always in front of the computer for work or leisure. It's a fine line between blogging on your life and actually going to go live it! Keep it up! :)