Sunday, June 21, 2009

Noticing some physical changes.

Today I did get the weight-lifting and the door painting project done, and spent some time with the folks, and adhered to the meal plan. Haven't planned tomorrow's meal plan yet, let alone been to the grocery store. Ugh, what a chore. Ok.

I've begun noticing some changes. Today at the gym, as I clasped my clipboard over my ginormous belly as usual, I could definitely tell my belly is definitively smaller. I guess I have been squooshing at it with my hands the past few days and thinking it felt like it was getting smaller, but I'm still so concerned with the upper part sagging over the belly button, I'm SOOOO ready for that to go away!

I also noticed that, while my calf muscles seem to be even huger than normal, my calves still look fat, and drop down into tiny ankles. The awesome I think I have, I don't actually have.

Tonight, while feeling hunger having just eaten, I kept feeling the flab under my chin and wondered if it didn't feel like it was shrinking away. That would be very cool. Losing fat at my face was a big motivator for me.

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