Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 27, 250.5

I'm nervous about weigh-in. Yesterday I waited until so long to eat lunch (around 9 or 10:00) and then we had a party and I ate second snack and dinner all last night within a few hours of each other. Seems like a wrong choice to eat 3 meals late into the night before you weigh-in.

Okay, I just did it and didn't need to worry. Whew! Am I putting too much emphasis on the numbers on the scale? Tough! Lol. I know where my motivation comes from each day.

The first time I stood on the scale it was 250 - even. That would have been awesome because I could brag I'd lost 35 pounds. (35 pounds? Only 35 pounds? - it doesn't even sound like much now. Hope it feels like an accomplishment when I've lost 50.) As it stands, I've still only lost 34.5 pounds.

Still, it's 2 pounds down from last week and I'm still on course.

Today I have to check-in at ediets, create a new meal plan for next week, and go grocery shopping. And I need to go lift weights, sooner rather than later. Last night at the gym proved my upper belly is still protruding out against my t-shirt - ugh!

Next week I go into the 240s. This pleases me greatly.

SW: 285
LW: 252.5
CW: 250.5
GW: 220

Last Week's Exercise

saturday - lift weights
sunday - none
monday - 20 minutes yoga
tuesday - none
wednesday - a moderate-easy hike, about 40 minutes
thursday - none
friday - 30 minutes elliptical trainer

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