Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 21, 252

I got a variety of readings from the scale this morning, from 250 to 252.5, but I'm picking 252 because that seems like about where it landed most often and most stably. The first time I stood on it was when I got the 250, and I was really hoping for a loss but too much of a loss at once scares me because a slow and steady loss is better for me psychologically than bouncing down a lot and then a little back up, or even dropping a lot and then plateauing. I get anxious if those things happen. 252 may not be the kind of loss I was hoping for, but then I haven't had a BM yet today either.

I was hoping for a loss because I keep feeling hunger, and I keep feeling myself, with my hands, thinking it feels like I've lost fat.

Yesterday, I waited so late to get out of the house because of my new fascination with blogger, but finally I did do an hour at the gym lifting weights (wish it didn't take an hour!), and I finished my housework project at my parents' and stayed and watched a movie. I did get this week's meal plan done up, but I waited until late because I got caught up in watching news and videos from Iran. So I never made it to the grocery store, and I never made it to get a Father's Day gift for Dad.

So I have to go grocery shopping, bring that back, make him a cake, buy him a shirt, and burn him a CD of Bob Dylan's music, even though he's more of a jazz guy.

All by this evening. That's a lot.

As for Cheat Day, I'm not really feeling the need now, but today is Father's Day and then there's the camping trip. Not sure how to handle all that. Would love to get to 250 by next weigh-in, this Saturday.

I am so inspired by other bloggers, especially those with a start weight simliar to mine who are actually losing weight. I love the before and after pics.

Oh speaking of which, here's a current picture of me my Mom took yesterday, compared with some pictures of me from my high weight that were so, so ugly and so hard to accept and were part of the pain that led to this diet. The one from yesterday is amazing. I can't believe there's a full-body photo of me that someone else snapped and I actually am fine with it! Even with oversize baggy jeans and oversized cheeks. There must be progress.

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