Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31, 240

Looks like my weigh-in this week will be 240. Which is fine, for now I'm just happy to be 240. I'm sure when I get back from the weekend family reunion thingy - I could be anywhere. Food is to be provided - 3 meals and a snack - not like those family reunions where you pig out on fried chicken, watermelon, potato salad and deviled eggs, before you even get to sampling everyone's desserts. So maybe I can remain moderate. And I hope to get in some hiking this weekend.

Exercise over the past week has been:

20 minutes of yoga
weightlifting (for full-body, 1 hour - no abs still)
a one-hour walk this morning, a fine luxury

Despite the standstill weight reading, I'm still noticing changes. I was glad to have noticed a lot of new flexibility (more than I would have thought I deserved!) when doing the yoga. I notice my body is lighter when I climb stairs. With my hands, I feel differences in my rib cage (under my arms) my back and my shoulders. And, I suddenly remembered another old-time favorite garment that I haven't been able to wear and also haven't been able to get rid of - a black leather jacket. Yep, it fits now - would still like to be smaller in the midsection to really wear it well, but I couldn't wear it until fall anyway, so here's hoping!

I've noticed the little cheats. Of course, it's possible I've always cheated on my portion sizes in the diet - a fraction more of this or that, but then maybe that just compensates for all the times I leave off the cheese or forget to eat something, let alone skip dinner. This week I've been lax about fruit, piling on double helpings of watermelon and canteloupe at meals. Today I made a fruit cup and put in into one of the smaller bowls just to try and force myself not to overdo the fruit. I tried to anyway, stuffing fruit as much as I could into the little bowl. Still was better than yesterday. Yesterday I was presented with a gift of deep fried peanuts, pecan brittle, and chocolates. It was to be shared with my other two crew members. They happily snacked on the items, and I felt annoyed that it was all going to be gone and I wouldn't get any of these gourmet items that I would gladly have tasted. I did have one taste of the pecan brittle - it was delicious. I still have never had a deep fried peanut.

Well, I'm off.


Danielle said...

Hey! I wanted to encourage you to own this weekend! YOU can keep it from derailing you- say NO! to that shitty food, and nourish your body. It doesn't have to be crazy or perfect... just moderate and calm!!!!!!!!!!!!

jo said...

Deep fried peanut???? Oh my! That is almost as bad as a deep fried Twinkie! lol

Congrats on all those NSVs!!!