Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 22, 212!!!

Today is very exciting because I finally weigh Less. Less meaning "less than the 213 I have bounced up from twice. Yes, the menstrual bloat finally left me and though I have dreaded having to shame and punish myself for my dietary indiscretions (continual candy minis, a bite of someone's pound cake, over-guesstimating portion sizes, and a thai restaurant dinner) it would seem that hopefully things are still going well. Yesterday I wore my size 16 jeans again, with no trouble, but I wouldn't have wanted to do it if I hadn't been wearing something bulky up top to hide the belly bulging mess - although come to think of it, it's really no better if I wear larger jeans. :-/

It's been a busy work week and I have just barely managed to keep up. There was no working out despite the 3x per week pledge, and now I am sick with something that is threatening to clog my lungs. So there will likely be no exercise for the next coupler days either. I'm going to go out soon and get some medication and calcium-fortified OJ to substitute in place of the milk I'm supposed to eat today, but otherwise I'm spending the day in bed. I'm actually focusing a bit on this blogger thing. I'm going through my blog list, establishing some new links in the sidebar for easier access to the most relevant and inspirational info (input on this is welcome), and hopefully catching up on most of my blogs. I had over 70 on my reading list this morning - I've deleted a few, but most of those were bloggers who have abandoned their blog.

I also want to read my book come to think of it.

Staying in bed all day makes my butt hurt. >:-P

But hurrah on reaching 212!! It's awfully close to 210, and maybe I'm still losing weight after all.

Although I have to tell you, I have not internalized this weight loss. I don't see much of a difference, and as I retyped my weigh-ins over the last year, I typed a weight in the 230s and thought that was low before I realized that I weigh much less than that now and I have for a while.

A lot of the guys at work who already liked me when I was bigger seem to be liking me still now that I'm thinner. None of them interest me, most of them are in long-term relationships already, but one is newly-single, I guess, and... blech.

Otherwise I haven't really noticed a real change in attention from the boys - which is fine, actually, I'm not really in the mood to meet more people.


WWSuzi said...

Way to go on getting under 213 :) Here's to another great week!!

Unknown said...

Way to go! It's always nice seeing those lower numbers on the scale. You're doing great. I hope you feel better soon!

Jodie said...

Hope you feel better soon!! Congrats..I can't wait to someday be at 213!