Friday, January 8, 2010

Jan 8, 216

I went out with my friend yesterday and did not put up resistance to the restaurant dinner + movie formula. We went to a nearby Indian restaurant and I had a buttery chicken and a salad and nan bread and although it certainly wasn't a huge meal, that's probably why I'm up again today. Oh well. I mean, meh. Circumstances, you know. I just get tired of my diet constantly coming up and being an additional burden (my work schedule being the other burden) when it comes to this particular friendship. Actually I just belched and tasted the curry, which caused me to sense that perhaps I have not done with eliminating for the morning - which I want to do before I do yoga, which I have to do because I didn't do it yesterday. Yeah, getting up so early yesterday morning did eventually cause me to get way too weary later in the day. I didn't get to the grocery store or do yoga. I did other stuff instead. Other stuff that is important to me - work, piano, laundry - which clues me in to the notion that I could have a damaging tendency right now to not put the diet way up top of the priorities list and drop everything totally off the list like I had done before. I may need to get more obsessive. I will do the yoga and grocery shopping right now this morning as soon as I get dressed. And I have got the dinner with friend out of the way and won't have to be burdened by outside social requisites - none of my other friendships are quite as dependent on the restaurant meal as my friendship with Joe, and it's not like we get together more than about once a month.

So. Yoga, grocery shopping, breakfast, then work.

**Edit** - One more trip to the bathroom changes my official weight for the day back to 216. Yay!


Jodie said...

If I was in a restaurant with Nan, I would probably way 10 lbs more the next day...I LOVE nan!

Vegan Chick Pea said...

Nan bread is the best thing ever. Keep trying to do your best, and remember that you're doing it for YOU and that you're worth it. :) You've lost so much already!

Sean Anderson said...

What a fantastic success! You're rocking my friend.

Nan bread? I may have to check that out!

Many kudos to you---you're an inspiration Hallie--keep up the wonderful journey!

Enjoy you!

My best always