Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 29, 211-212; finding patience

Well, I'm still hovering around 211-212. I have until tomorrow "morning" (by the time I get up it'll be around 3:00pm probably) to get to 210 for Saturday's weigh-in. Stranger things have happened, I suppose.

I'm still tracking my nutrition at sparkpeople. It's been interesting. Overwhelmingly, the ediets meals exceed what they're supposed to when entered into the nutrition tracker at sparkpeople. Then I'm faced with the dilemma of what to do about that. Since I'm struggling to achieve 210, I tend to choose to trim out some of what ediets recommends. Meanwhile, I feel hungry sometimes and I have to confess that my experience on the nutrition tracker has me freaking out a little bit about if I have to eat less than 1700 calories.

I'm actually very pleased with my experience on choosing my own meals (incorporating the vegetable soup and cornbread). Since this is obviously where I want to get eventually, I want to do it some more next week. I have this box of quaker oatmeal squares and am thinking about having it for the occasional breakfat, or maybe a few pieces in some yogurt for a snack next week. If I had lost weight this week, that would be an easier decision to make freely.

As it is, I think I will go ahead and have some self-designed meals next week. They will be planned in advance and recorded at sparkpeople. I think this is the time to start the weaning. Weight loss feels like it's slowed and I'm not sure why - maybe this is the time when weight loss does slow and either I reduce my calories a lot or I get more patient about seeing every new pound of weight dropped and maybe even diverting attention from the scale and to the kitchen. I was always a big fan of the daily weigh-in and I've no regrets about that. But coming to a place where weight loss is slow might mean I change my habits. Not lose my commitment, just change the pace and redirect the bulk of my focus to kitchen habits and exercise habits and less on scale victories.

I was so eager to get to 198. But here it is the end of January and I'm still on this side of 210. It's made me impatient. Looking at my weight loss graph doesn't really seem to indicate a slowing, but a lot of recent inconsistencies have bounced me up and I haven't lost much since hitting my 220 goal in November. I honestly think I may also have to lighten the blogger habit to only once or twice a week, and reading much more briefly every day - which may mean I miss some of your blog posts - but I think soaking in blogger is contributing to my impatience when I just need to use it as a light motivation tool like a magazine.

I also might look for some lower calorie whole grain bread, although the idea is distasteful to me on a naturalist level, I can experiment with it.

These are some thoughts, anyway. I'll likely be back tomorrow for weigh-in.

All this said, my roommate looked all astounded to see me in "my skinny jeans, what size are those?" (they were the 16s) and I've been beeped at on the road a couple times lol.


Christine said...

wait till your ogled by a redneck. lol.
That will mean you've made it.
feels good doesn't it.
YOu are doing great.
It's 9 lbs to 211 and no joke calorie wise to lose that much weight.
You are doing good. keep it up.

Unknown said...

Hopefully you don't stay away from blogger too long- we'll miss you!

Don't get impatient with yourself. Losing weight takes time. It's really not a good idea to set goals for specific dates you want to lose weight because if you don't meet them you will feel disappointed in yourself. Overall, you want to become healthy and it really doesn't matter if it takes a little longer than you'd hoped for. Right?

Hallie said...

Thank you for saying I'd be missed. Unlike many of you, this isn't about general health for me, I'm here to lose my waist - totally vanity, and it does matter a little if it takes longer than I hoped, because I want it now. NOW! All the sites I belong to have weight loss goals included in their programming, and getting to 198 by March 28 would have been less than 2 pounds per week, which according to my previous experience, was more than reasonable. At least today I can show a 1-pound loss from last week, which is 4 down from 2 weeks ago, so I'm not really really disappointed, but I would like to have been 210 today. Maybe next week.

Unknown said...

I hope you stay blogging!!
As someone who has hovered around the same weight for over 4 months, I FEEL your frustration girl. But you know what - I have no one to blame but myself. I wasn't eating on plan all the time, I stopped exercising, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself during the holidays.
I'm not saying that this is the same for you. Maybe you just need to shake things up a bit - change a few things in your menu, like you said - find a new bread, or maybe lower your calories a bit?
I'm sure you'll find the answer - just don't give up! You'll get over this hump eventually.

BEE said...

give it time 198 will come
your probably toning up alot and staying the around the same wieght while your toning your muscle
dont worry too much
about the weight
trust me i lost 4 pounds this weekend and all i did was not worry about anything

MaryFran said...

That is the first thing I had to learn on this journey. Patience. The second was to always to trying to figure out treats, new foods, anything to keep from getting bored.(both mentally and physcially, I think our bodies need to have a change up every once in a while also)