Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1, 2010 - 219

This "morning" (I awoke at 6pm) I weigh 219. Still up from 215, still down from 220.

Since my last blog post, things have been going slow getting back "into it." Still working through the remains of Christmas and New Year's, leftovers and so on.

I have been doing the meal plan, though, too, committing myself to making all the meals, packing them, taking them with me. It's been a strong reminder of the state of mind I need to get back to. I'll tell you what was going on with me psychologically when I was doing the meals plans this summer - that there was only me, and work. Without getting too far into my unattractive psychological and social issues, I was pretty isolationist, which allowed me to tune out outside pressures and jsut do for me. That faded with the trip to Asheville and with the holidays, which for me start with my birthday on Sep 5 and continue to Sep 28, Oct 9, Nov 17, Thanksgiving, Nov 30, Dec 2, Christmas and New Year's. Now with all the holidays and birthdays out of the way until my NEXT birthday - except possibly Mother's Day, Father's Day, and a trip to NYC - it's gonna get a lot easier. Just step back into silence mode and into my diet zen.

But today - I have to go eat collards, hoppin john, and pork - so I'm just taking today off the diet to have one last hurrah before getting back to it tomorrow - Jan 2.


cmoursler said...

well, finish her up and then its back otk.
You will be below 200 in no time.

Mae Flowers said...

I was just looking at your sidebar where your weights are listed. You have come so far and so quickly! You're doing wonderful!