Monday, January 25, 2010

Jan 25, 212

Yesterday I weighed in at 211, which stirred fluffy fantasies in me about reaching dear old 210. Thoughts of 210 kept me on track all day yesterday when I thought I'd go off it. I thought 210 sounded really good until I thought about 209 this morning. Wow, 209 would be fantastic! Unbelievable! haha Then I stepped on the scale and weighed 214 on my first try. What a major downer. Later I did manage to get that weight down to a legitimate 212 for today which is at least still less than 213 and I do have yesterday's weigh-in as a glimpse of the 211 and 210 to come soon. I just wish I were as confident that weight loss would come as I used to be.

It's Monday and I have had breakfast (and entered it into Sparkpeople, yes Lawd) and I do not have the ingredients for lunch yet so I have to get to the grocery store. It is 2:30 on a beautiful day and I'm sitting here stuffed into my size 16s as a matter of pride (it's either 18s too big or 16s too small right now) I have the day off and there's only 4 hours until dusk. The list of things to do include:

* go hiking - can't. not enough time. and besides after last night's deluge it would be too muddy. but the weather is so inviting me to a mountaintop. spring's going to be great when I can go hiking again!
* go grocery shopping - gotta be done
* read my book - I'm desperately trying to push through The Historian so I can get to the other books I want to read
* laundry - god, really don't want to do that today. i'll do it tomorrow
* go find a track and do a run-walk.

I want to go find a track. I have been getting so inspired to do so many things by your blogs. I haven't exercised in a week - the first part of last week I was working very long hours and thought I'd have the rest of the week - then the last half of the week, I was sick. And my sickness, it's not bad, but then I haven't pushed it to the limit. I've actually stayed in bed and drunk vitamin C. I have the faintest hint that there's sickness there, in my sinuses and lungs, but I can barely tell it's there. I know I crave vitamin C juices more than usual and I don't seem to excited by the taste of chocolate (which makes me feel really guilty when I have chocolate I shouldn't have and don't even enjoy it!! Dude, that's when I knew I had a problem.) I feel like I could and should exercise - I feel sludgy and guilty for not exercising, I feel my muscles atrophying from lack of weight lifting, and I feel myself losing the strength and flexibility I'd gained from yoga, and yet, I feel like if I did weaken my defenses system by exercising, I would succomb to the evil that's lurking within me and get really sick.

Still, I think I will go find a track and test myself on this run-walk idea. If I keep it up for 30 minutes I can count it toward my 3x per week.

Oh, I'm so sorry I've bored you to tears with this blog. This is exactly the kind of rambling unfocused blog I don't want to write so I will end it now.


Christine said...

eh, your blog is fine. I don't buy all this build your blog crap. Write wo you are, they will either read or they won't.
And, you get exercise in while maintianing your calories, and your weight will drop like a rock.

Vegan Chick Pea said...

210 will come soon, don't worry! You'll get there, just stay on track. :)

shihtzuma said...

Hi --

I have been reading your blog as a motivational tool, and wanted you to know that you have been inspirational to me in my weight loss plan. You may have already been given this award, but I did not see it on your blog, so I thought I would take a chance.

Please go to my blog to see the details of the award:

Thank you for the inspiration!


Bowmanh23 said...

You will get to 210! Don't get too discouraged. Winter is such a hard time to diet due to the frequent depression caused by lack of sunlight. Keep going! You can do it!

Ellen said...

You really are an inspiration! Keep up the good work, Hallie.

MaryFran said...

Didn't bore me to tears!!!!

I keep saying that I want to run. I try it periodically. Why? You don't see many fat runners! But my knees just seem to poop out on me!

BEE said...

lets see if i can explain it
its simple but i dunno if i can explain it right lol

go to view you own blog the in the right hand upper corner click on customize
then you will be at your add and arrange page

go to the big square that says blog posts click on the edit part in the bottom of the box

the box pops up fpr all that stuff

8 lines done is your reactions check it off and your good to go save it all
hope that helped if not i can gladly help you out let me know