Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan 27, 211

I found 211 again this morning, yay.

I worked out again today. 2nd of 3 this week. I started with a bit of a run-walk for 20-25 minutes and 2 miles - more running in the first 10-15 minutes, and more walking at the end. Then lifted weights, including some lower body lifts. But I forgot to work on my abs. The point is, I have not been inspired to workout, but I did it anyway, and found some enthusiasm at least during the workout, if not before or for very long after. My earlier goals of trying to reach certain new achievements in lifting, yoga, stamina - have given way to just trying to do my 30 minutes 3 times per week of *something* to improve health in a general, not specific, way. Just get some exercise, and see what comes about naturally.

The other bit of news is that, since I've been tracking my calories at sparkpeople for 3 days now, I am coming out at more than 1700 calories consumed each day, which is what ediets says it's got me on. I figure in large part it could be true that the whole grain bread I eat is higher in calories (about 100 cals per slice) than maybe what they've budgeted for. I trimmed out 2 pieces of bread from today's meal plan (and added 1 chocolate kiss - 25 cal) and still came in at about 1766 calories for the day.

So far, tracking my food at sparkpeople is interesting and potentially educational, but also it's just another website for me to get lost in, like I did today. Still, I think I may do this same thing next week - plan some meals on my own incorporating foods I have been desiring lately (like that Greek yogurt for example is on my mind tonight) and not just pick from the ediets menu.

I also had told my roommate that I wanted to do a Mexican restaurant and margaritas around Jan 31 - I'm sure she's not remembering that... but I am. Also, brownies. But I don't want to sabotage 210 (210! 210!), so I feel like I wouldn't want to do the cheat until I got to 209 at least, or more likely 208 - but that would be a while and my body could be due a cheat when this week is over, to keep my metabolism from freaking out (since I've been feeling a bit of hunger from time to time this week.)

FYI, my menu for today was

Breakfast - French toast (2 slices) with flaxseed and almonds and a pear
Snack - Campbell's Soup at Hand Classic Tomato, and 1 Hershey's kiss
Lunch - Monte Cristo sandwich, which is Ham and Swiss with honey mustard on bread, cooked in a batter of egg whites and milk, and a pear.
Dinner - Vegetable beef soup and cornbread


Jodie said...

I felt the same way about spark people. I liked it, but then realized I was getting all obsessed about putting my food in, printing out reports, etc...more time sucking! Yay on 211!

BEE said...

congrats on working out even though you dotn feel like it

ya on the 211 thats great

your doing it ;-)

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Good job on the workout. Some days you just have to stop the voice in your head that is coming up with excuses for not working out and just get started.

Unknown said...

You are so close to being in the 100's! Have you ever tried No Pudge! brownies? They're good and very low calorie!