Wednesday, March 31, 2010

exercising willpower to reach goal

Hello. I am writing here to say that there is a Cadbury Creme Egg in my car. I bought it about 24 hours ago, so it's been there all day. I've been acutely aware of it often enough. I've had under 1500 calories today - I realized I could eat that egg and still be okay calories-wise. But I kept putting it off. I finished off the last of my dinner a couple hours ago and felt like I didn't care about the egg. Now I've got in my car to come home and felt the pull of the egg. I decided not to. I'm about to go to sleep. The real kicker was remembering how this morning I stood on the scale and was back down to 203 and I thought how nice it would be to weigh under 203 tomorrow morning maybe - it would be another new low for me and I love new lows.

So I guess, this time anyway, even a Cadbury Creme egg doesn't taste (or feel, because you know it'd make my shoulders shudder with pleasure) as good as thin feels. (That phrase always rang a bit hollow to me.)

I am thinking about going to buy some Easter candy - those Russell Stover eggs - so I can have them *some time*. Not now, but some time later, after Easter, after I reach my goal. Russell Stover is so... so awesome. Except you know what's not awesome, and I know this paragraph doesn't belong in a diet blog, but what happened to the jelly bean eggs in the coconut bird's nests??? That was what made it so bizarrely uniquely a desirable candy-eating experience!

Just FYI, I also craved brussels sprouts tonight, and want to find out if there's such a thing as a Reuben sandwich that is under 450 calories. I've never cared about Reubens before but I feel like if my taste were truly mature I would like them as much as everyone else does. It's the corned beef - never liked corned beef - maybe ought to try it again.

Hey, I wasn't going to allow comments on this post, but I've decided to allow them after all; but I don't need kudos for not eating the candy, or advice on whether or not I could have allowed myself to eat this that or the other thing. But if you have something to say about Reubens or Easter candy, or an interesting story about asteroids or your relationship with your father or something, feel free :-)

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Nona said...

Years ago, I became addicted to Cadbury Creme eggs years ago.

I use to buy three of the six packs and consume them in a couple of sittings. I was in my glory when Easter was over and they went on sale.
I grieved for about 2 days when they disappeared completely from the shelves and then quickly moved on to some other sweet.

Sure glad those days are gone.