Thursday, March 25, 2010

quick notes

Tuesday - substituted Easter candy binge for dinner, 3000 calories for the entire day

Wednesday - in an effort to turn my sleep schedule around, stayed in bed trying to sleep, ate chicken noodle soup, and apple, and jelly beans, 800 calories for the entire day

Thursday - jogged 1.3 miles!! surely could do more next time! grocery shopping done and now proceeding to return to the normal diet for another week. Weight about 204.5 - obese again! haha

This Sunday - my one-year anniversary of the day I started my weight-loss program

1 comment:

Christine said...

love your food log, it mad e me lol.
so, around 1900 a day over two days.
I hate it when I need sleep and can't get any.
I have had insomnia forever.
Glad you are back on track..and congrats on one year...may 4th is my one year anniversary...but since I didn't weigh in till the 18th, I guess the 18th is. lol.
Do you have anything special planned?