Monday, March 8, 2010

trying to explain and failing

Yesterday I went into crazy binge mode. Ok. I forgave myself.

Today I was not in crazy binge mode, but I ate sort of like people do when they're not on a plan. I wasn't at home, I was at my parents' place, having family day. So I searched their kitchen and had an apple for breakfast. A few hours later we had a meal at a Vietnamese restaurant. I was displeased with the feeling that my tomato rice seemed to have a gloppy sauce, either gelatin or corn syrup... But that was my only meal today. Later I had about 10 Oreos, a piece of pumpkin bread, and 3 gingersnaps.

Then I cam home and there had been a party here. There were only party food remnants. I grabbed up what little fresh fruit was left (about 6 big strawberries and 2 cubes of watermelon) and sampled the chicken cheese sour cream stuff and some tortilla chip crumbs, and a little of the leftover sangria.

I haven't even entered any of that into sparkpeople.

Tomorrow, back to ordered life, back to work, and back to measured, moderate eating to lose weight and feel great! (haha)

So I mentioned that I came home at the tail end of the party. I didn't exactly realize how long it had been since I'd seen some of these people, but at the end there was just me, my roommate, and two female friends who made comments that I looked great and then one asked if I'd shrunk, and then the other said I looked taller actually (not something I ever expected to hear, I just thought I always looked tall, but okay, I guess they mean I look more vertical and stretched out?)

Then one of them asked how I did it. "Portion control?" I tried to explain that it mostly came to eating fewer calories, and that I followed a meal plan, but again she asked - "Portion control?" I'm like, "I guess, sorta. I mean, just overall, I eat normal meals throughout the day, but they're more like fresh fruits and veggies and nuts and whole grains and dairy getting good proteins and carbs and fats..."

Now I know you couldn't take that last sentence home and make a successful diet out of it. I guess portions are a reasonable size, but I never really - I don't know what this "portion control" method is she was speaking of. I told her I signed up and followed the meal plan at She then went on to start talking about this 11-day diet, and then the cabbage soup diet - and I felt like she just wasn't hearing me...


Christine said...

because she wasn't.
They (I speak in the ubiquitous sense) don't want to hear eat less, move more.
So just say you bought some fat sucking leaches from south america and it has done wonders.

That'll cure her.
Good job on portion control.

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Jen said...

I have people like that in my life as well. They just don't get it.

I've also been where you are at with the binging.

Have a great day.