Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23, 204.5

Man, I'm depressed, I guess. It's not because I'm obese again. I totally anticipated a very good likelihood that my weight my bounce back over the border line before it went back down. I'm just - I haven't got anything going on, can't make myself move, don't have anything I want to do,... probably stems a little from the behaviors I've been going through - nocturnal, avoidance, computers, solitude. I don't want to go too much into the details of my life outside of weight loss in this blog, though, but, man... it's not happening, not happening at all, it's just getting worse. Not feeling very optimistic after hearing about local budget cuts and not getting any calls to work this week and not feeling up to the challenge of getting/promoting myself in the work force (I'd hoped I was past that) and being subjected to avoidance... I barely move, let alone exercise. I went outside to maybe take a walk, but settled into a lawn chair with a book hoping that some sunlight exposure would contribute to lifting my spirits. Wouldn't say so. Now it's night.

I have to force myself through this grocery list and to the grocery store so I can stick to the diet tomorrow.


Tamzin said...

you can do it. Funks are hard to break out of. Sometimes I would make myself get up and do ten squats, something to get the blood moving.

Good food tomorrow at the store and you will be back on track.

Christine said...

One thing that helps me is to go to a funny movie. I don't know if any are out...Or how about make a list of things you are grateful for..
or you could be like my husband, and feel better by reaading about other peoples misery.
The gulag archipelago is a good book for that.
I find it extremely depressing, but he always says (after his nightly reading) "At least I 'm not in a gulag!"
Feel better soon.

Unknown said...

It will get better. It always does. Keep your chin up!

Anonymous said...
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