Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4, 206.6 - yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes! 206.6! We're back to pre-New York weight! Boom - just like that! I came in way under my calories yesterday, something like 1350. Maybe that had something to do with it, I don't know. Maybe I can actually try for some size 16s. Right now I'm going to try jogging for 10 minutes, then come back and do my yoga. I'm terribly bored and uninterested in doing anything today. Unusual for me, I usually have too much I want to get to. I'm not even interested in doing the yoga, I just want the benefits from it. Maybe I'll buy a bathing suit (since the ones I have are droopy on me) and go to the beach this weekend.


Unknown said...

I think buying a bathing suit and going to the beach sounds like a great idea! Great job!

.... said...

Congrats!! That is fabulous.

I second the swimsuit & beach idea...if I lived near a beach I think you'd have to pry me off of it. :)

Have a great weekend!

Christine said...

Great job, dude you are sooooo close to being under 200.

BEE said...

awesome job
teat yourself to that new bathing suit

Joanne said...

Way to go that's FABULOUS!! I am positive you will rock out the 16's no problemo.