Tuesday, March 2, 2010

some details on my eating

It's hardest for me to stick to the calorie limit on days when I have to be out the door by 8 a.m. I have to eat breakfast early, then, and then stretch out the rest of my meals throughout the day. Days like today it's easier. I woke up at 1:00, then lazed about online for a couple hours. I didn't eat until about 4:00.

Breakfast - an ediets recipe - oat bran cereal with an apple and walnuts and protein powder - minus the soy milk, and with a nectarine instead of grapes. It's a good breakfast, and I trimmed some calories out by skipping the soy milk today (didn't want coffee) so it was about 400 calories.

Then I went out, ran some errands, did some work, and went to the gym at around 7:30. By now I'm getting a little peckish. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and came home for lunch.

Lunch - On the schedule, it says "I'll choose my own meal." That means I'm having Amy's vegetable korma. The novelty is wearing off and I'm starting to realize it's just another frozen meal, but it's still damn tasty. 300 calories. While waiting for it to heat, I consider how late it is and how few calories I've had so far and I grabbed a Diana's Bananas - a frozen banana on a stick dipped in dark chocolate - 130 calories. Total for lunch is 430 calories, total for the day is about 830 calories. It's about 9:00 pm.

Later, I'm not really interested in eating, but I decided it wasn't a good idea to have so few calories today, so I decided to put together something for maybe another 400 calories. I added a bite of this and a bit of that and in the end, it was nearly 700 calories! Wow! Fortunately I'm still well under 1700.

Dinner - I started with the idea to have a veggie burger since I haven't had one in a long time and they're in my freezer. Heated up one veggie burger, on one piece of multi-grain bread, with some Dijon, a slice of tomato, and some part-skim mozzarella melted on. Then I also added a Greek yogurt (since I skipped "Snack"), then 5 olives, then 5 almonds and 1/2 tablespoon of raisins. And then 1/3 cup of frozen corn and 1/4 cup of frozen green beans. Some of those items pack a wallop of calories for how little they seem, but they also have health benefits, or psychological benefits (especially in the case of the raisins!)

So I'm well under 1700, but over 1500 for the day, so no additional treat for me like a glass of wine or cup of Ovaltine, because I want to take advantage of this opportunity to come in under. Oh well.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, I have to be out the door at around 8 a.m. Don't know when I'll be back - it seems every time I think that we'll be cut by dinner time, we wind up being kept on until 11 p.m. I really want to start my dinner in the slow-cooker before I leave, but not if I'm not going to be home until midnight!


Christine said...

What I used to do was start my day with a good apple...wait two hours and have eggs...so maybe you could boil two eggs...eat an apple and you come in at 220 calories...it will hold you a good four or five hours. I know it did me.
Good luck on tomorrow.

Ellen said...

Planning our meals ahead of time isn't always possible but for the days we know we are going to be busy it is a good idea. Often it is becomes a last minute thought as we are walking out the door in the morning. I guess we have to change that too. So many changes...

Your eating sounds so in control. Good for you!

BEE said...

planning ahead of time isnt always possible you are making lemonade out of lemons some days
so be proud of yourself
keep up that great work