Saturday, March 20, 2010


Ok, hiking - was it a success? Yes because I completed my goal, but at the same time I had "difficulties." I don't know if it's because my body is weakened from lack of exercise, from lack of calories, from lack of sleep, or if there was something wrong with the water, but it was probably some combination of the above and by the time I reached the steep incline to the top of the mountain (which is really just a nub of a mountain) I just didn't have it in me. Though it was a short distance, I stopped several times on the incline, and the last time I felt a cool breeze flowing over me and kept sitting and eventually realized there was nothing for it - I was going to have to lie down and put my feet up because I was feeling like fainting. I did that for a while. Cars drove just a few paces overhead because I was so close to the end of the trail and the top of the mountain, that that's what motivated me to get up. I felt less faint, but unfortunately, not more energetic. I considered giving up then - after all, I'd surely got my exercise - an hour's walk there, and hour's walk back - but I kept going and made it. The whole walk back to my car I was thinking of the snack I'd left in it - carrots and celery in a salsa-cheddar-olive dip, and also very much of the soda machine at the ranger's station. Also a great big peanut butter and banana sandwich with milk or Diet Cheerwine. But never fear, I stayed on my diet - I haven't tallied the calories yet. I feel like if there was ever a day when I deserved a glass of wine in the evening, this is one of them. And I still intend to read and/or watch another Buffy ep (trying to finish season 2 while they're still at hulu until April) so - I should tally my calories and see how I feel about that glass of wine because actually it would be great.

Ben Folds puts on a great show. I would love to have him over for dinner. If you are a Ben Folds fan, I'll give you a tip - scan ChatRoulette during his concert hours!! You might just wind up getting a live original Ben Folds song composed just for you - but you have to type in your name! Or maybe I've said too much. He's just amazing, by the way, (where does he get the energy? he did 2 hours - solo - non-stop! and the way he plays the piano is a workout, let alone singing too!) and some of his sappier songs sound much more tolerable live!!

Oh, new comparison pics. Took these today in the woods. I was so impressed with how much more tolerable the face was than the last time I tried to take pictures of myself in the woods, last summer. Crazy, huh? Even more crazy? I can't find any of those pictures. But I found a lot more, so, in the next blog entry, I will do a facial comparison restrospective. Yay for picture blogs!

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Unknown said...

Great job on that hike. It's so hard to climb up hill, much less up a mountain!! It sounds like fun though. Can't wait for the picture post!