Wednesday, March 10, 2010

quick update

hm well - there are two reasons I haven't been back to blogger for the past few days. One is that I am working and living long days and very sleepy. I have been unable to attend to my goals like I did last week. The other thing that concerns me more is that I haven't got back under control with the sweets. They are everywhere and I'm not saying no. Today I was supposed to, supposed to say no, but I guess the day was just too long. Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed about it when I think about it, not so much because it means I'm probably not going to see Onderland as soon as I'd hoped, but more because it seems like a danger zone. I think I'll have to ban sweets from my life for a month again and go into hiding and tell myself I there's nothing out there for me so I might as well stay in and make the diet my number one hobby again, like I did when I started, and return to the glycemic index plan. Tomorrow I get to sleep in - maybe that will make the difference for me and I can regain control. Anyway, I've explained enough - I'm unlikely to come back before Saturday until I regain confidence.

Hope things are well with you and your efforts at this time.