Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 205

Sorry it's another of these but that's what this blog is here for - Despite a bad day yesterday, I'm down to 205 today. Least ever, and so exciting. I had some anxiety issues yesterday and had been trimming calories for a day and a half, undereating at each meal, so those two facts together along with my knowledge of my success on the scale lately, plus maybe even having jogged earlier in the day, probably collaborated to result in a little excess calories intake for yesterday. Still I was tracking on sparkpeople all day and tried to hold back from what I wanted to do, and in some cases succeeded.

So I had some 2300 calories yesterday but today I'm down to 205, which is exciting. Plus I want to share this graph from

My weight loss graph has been very bouncy these past few months, and as you can see, a couple days ago I was way off my charted goal. And now look where I am.

The one below just kind of excited me to think how close I am (according to my home devices) to not being technically obese anymore.

One more thing - I am realizing what I'm lacking from Sparkpeople is a comprehensive count on all the nutrients - it's fine for counting calories, fat, carbs, and protein, but if I want to see how low I am on my iron intake, it gets more complicated. Fitday spoiled me on that, I guess, but fitday's food entry was even more cumbersome than sparkpeople's. It's a trade-off I guess.

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Chrissie said...

Maybe every now and then it does your body good to 'shock' it with a few extra calories so it knows there isn't a famine going on?