Saturday, March 27, 2010

March 27, 205 - reducing calories

Hmm. Official weigh-in Saturday - 205. Whatever increase in weight I put on Monday did not come down by today. It's up 2 pounds from last week's abnormally drastic low of 203. However, there was nothing abnormally drastic about my goal to get to 198 by tomorrow from around 215-218 at the beginning of the year. 10 pounds in 3 months is - slower than I'd hoped for, but it is a real loss. Especially when I remember how long I sat at 215-218.

Since I gained weight this week from last week, ediets asked me if I wanted to reduce my calorie level. I said 'yes'. It brought me down from 1500-1600 calories to 1200-1300, all in one blow!!! I'm scared. That feels like small-woman calories. But I will try it. I still have four days at the 1500-1600 range before the decrease takes effect. I feel like at 1200-1300 calories, if I exercise, I should exercise moderate-light, not strenuous. I don't want to have troubles concentrating at work, or finding energy - I need both mental focus and physical stamina when I'm doing the lighting design thing. I will keep track of my calories and allow an extra snack or so if I feel like I might be about to lose control from hunger.

Tomorrow's my one-year anniversary of starting the plan, and I'm not going to reach the goal of getting to 198. I'm not beating myself up over it - I will get there eventually, but it is a disappointment to still be 7 whole pounds away from it. Hanging out near my goal is not satisfying. However, considering my sluggish behavior and utter lack of exercise the past week or three, I can hardly say I deserve better. Well, moving on. No, I do not plan to celebrate the one-year anniversary. I will celebrate when I hit 198 pounds. That said, I am going to a movie tomorrow with a friend, but I will have to back out of the dinner plans and eat my own dinner.

198 isn't even the end of my course, either. I'm pretty sure that once I hit 198, I will be thinking about 180 - 1 pound per week for 18 weeks?

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