Saturday, October 27, 2012


More scale antics this morning.  At first it was reading 260 again, and I whined that I liked it better when there was weight loss every day.  But I kept standing on the scale over and over for more certainty and it started reading as low as 257.  After careful consideration, I have finally decided 258.5 makes the most sense for today.  Let's not see 260 again... ever, how about it?  :-)

Stayed within range yesterday.

You know, at, when you weigh in you're also supposed to rate your sleep quality, energy level, self-esteem, and stress level.  That never seems to change no matter what my weight.  Excellent sleep quality, moderately low energy level, moderate self-esteem, and moderately low stress level.  Although I guess I might be a little more stressed now because of the move tomorrow, and the lighting design next week.  Yikes!

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