Friday, October 26, 2012


So, it appears I found my appetite.  At least, eating feels more normal and pleasant than it did, and it's harder to resist treats.  Could be due to an increase in natural activity.  Moving heavy boxes of books and stuff Wednesday, and yesterday was a long and fairly hard day of work that included pulling, lifting, stretching, climbing... and left me feeling quite sore and undone.

Also yesterday, a tray of free food was placed in the crew area.  I had a bit of cherry danish and later, instead of dinner, had half a large cinnamon raisin bagel smeared with plain shmear.  Later when I came home, I went to bed without eating.

All told I was around my 1600 calorie goal mark.

No weight loss yet.  Not even sure I'm still under 260.  Could definitely be a muscles thing.  I will wait until I'm sure I see that I'm definitely back in the 250s.  Looking forward to that.

In the meantime, I've definitely had the feeling that this is the beginning of another long journey and struggle.  Meh.  Can't let it rule my life.  There has to be more to life.  I figured that "food makes me queasy" phase was just a phase - have to find the happy medium and stay there.

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Unknown said...

I've finally accepted that it's always going to be a struggle, but I just can't give up. Finding something sustainable is the important thing.