Saturday, October 20, 2012

262 again

Weighed in at 262 again.  I've reached the point in my weight-loss where there won't be a loss every day!  Might even be a temporary fluctuation up.  Ok.

Especially since I had a little vacation yesterday.  I didn't deserve it diet-wise but I deserved it life-wise.  And it was a good chance to try to stick to my diet resolve while off-program.

So in the morning as I started my road trip, not wanting to waste any time, I had an egg mcmuffin from McDonald's and coffee with a little milk.  That was my fuel for a too-brief hike around the summit of Mt. Mitchell.  I say too-brief but it did get my heart rate up and burn my thighs a little with the climbing on the rough trail.  I am so terribly out-of-shape for what I'm used to.

Then I went to Asheville and stopped in a Starbuck's to connect with the Internet and chillax.  Had a grande mocha light there.  By then it was practically the dinner hour and I'd only had about 500 calories, which allowed me 1100 for dinner.  I wanted to have a bit of an exquisite Asheville dining experience.  It could have been nearly anything - pizza, Asian, whatever.  I had duck breast with risotto.  The menu said there would be butternut squash - I didn't see any so maybe I misread.  I get concerned that I'm not eating enough vegetables.  I think they contribute to happiness and a sense of well-being.  I also had a glass of wine.  Since I have no idea what was in that risotto, I can't do a calorie count for the day.  But since that was the end of my caloric intake for the day except for a shot of amaretto and a bite-sized laffy taffy, I think I stayed within my goals.

However I still have 12 pounds left to lose in the next 7 weeks, which is thoroughly possible but my weight-loss honeymoon is over and I must remain vigilant.

That honeymoon period, all that hunger, is over and now I have a reduced expectation for my calories.  Even then I could see that I had built my appetite back up to a higher level.  Definitely lots of sweets.  Now practically none.  When cookies and brownies are placed before me, I pass them over.  My stomach feels pangs but doesn't want to eat.  There were times over the past 10 days I thought I was being somewhat anorexic, though I never ate less than 1000 calories per day.

What I have to do now, and keep postponing, is plan for my next week's eating.  I need to plan meals and by groceries.  I want to make a soup.  I have to move over the next week, and renovate the room I'm going to be moving into.  That's going to make things tough.

What will also make things tough is that I'm moving in with my parents.  They have their own eating style and grocery plan.  They buy in bulk from Costco, lots of canned food and chocolate puddings and sweets (for Dad, mostly).  I'm not sure they ever do much with food prep, just reach into the cabinet and grab something.  It could be that I contribute a more satisfying food situation for them and maybe that could help bring my rent or utility payment down.  As long as I'm cooking anyway, maybe make meals for all three instead of just me.  Would that be more economical for me?  Not sure how it will work out.

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