Sunday, October 7, 2012


Day One Success!

I gave myself a starting weight of 270, but I want to get a new scale...  hm...  thinking...

Prepared all my food for today last night and put it in tons of little tupperware containers.

Ate breakfast a little later in the morning - cottage cheese and strawberries.  Not suffering yet.

Lunch was a huge pasta and veggie toss with goat cheese.  I had to force my way through it.  My skinny male friend saw my pasta salad and said it looked like lunch AND dinner, and part of breakfast.  I did a calorie round-up on the pasta, afraid it putting me over my caloric goals for the day.  Apparently tricolor rotini varies in its nutritional breakdown.  It turns out that particular lunch - pasta-veggie toss and a cup of canned pineapple, is an 877-calorie meal.  That doesn't feel like it makes sense for a 1600-calorie meal plan.

At work, doughnuts were offered, popcorn was popped and smelled tempting, but it was easily resisted.

I went out after the concert with my parents and they got two appetizers and I didn't eat any at all.  I told them "Today's my first day on a 1600-calorie per day plan."  "GOOD FOR YOU!"  Meh.  When I'm fat, Dad demonizes everything I eat.  We went out for Mom's birthday to a Mexican restaurant, and before we left I grabbed a chocolate pudding cup from their cabinet because they've always got them in stock and I love them.  I joked "I hope this doesn't ruin my appetite."  "Hallie!  You're awful!"  He was chastising me for Eating While Fat.  Meanwhile, at the restaurant, he pigged out on enough Mexican food to feed an entire Mexican family and I left half mine on the plate.  But it's okay 'cuz he's not fat.

I just finished off my dinner and my calorie count.  It was 1683 calories, give or take for estimation.  Clean, nutritious food.  I've peed twice tonight and hope that it means I'm already losing some water weight.  Down 20 pounds is 2 months!

I should do measurements too, since I hope to start exercising.

I haven't been hungry yet.  I figure that might start tomorrow, though, if my body starts to feel a little more starvy.  I remember when I started ediets in 2009, it was on the second day that I scarfed down my tuna-tomato-avocado rice cakes like they were the most amazing food in the world "SO DELICIOUS" I hissed like Gollum for my roommate to hear, but I think I was just hungry - later that particular meal never struck me as being all that good.

Ok, I've got to make all my food for tomorrow for a successful Day Two.

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