Saturday, October 13, 2012

266! Gained a pound after the party

So, as it turned out, I slept all day yesterday after staying awake until noon trying to fix a glitch in The Sims 2 (and succeeding!)  So when I arrived at the party I was quite hungry, in a pale, tummy-shrunk kind of way.  There was lots of food - veggies and hummus and spinach-artichoke dips and apples and creamcheese-sugar dip and chocolate covered raisins and chocolate-drizzled fruit and fresh salad and chicken-corn chowder which was actually more brothy than chowdery and baking-soda biscuits and peanut butter cookies.  I found myself incapable of overindulging - considering that was all I ate yesterday, I feel pretty darn good about my control and thought it possible I might even  have been well within my calories for the day, but I haven't done the math and I did have some dips and sweets..  So the fact that I weigh a pound more today this morning is really not so astonishing considering how hard I've been hitting it all week previously, and then eating largely healthy "wild-card food" at a party last night.  But I wouldn't have been surprised to have stayed the same or lost, either.

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