Friday, October 12, 2012

5 pounds down (?)

Well, I've been a very very naughty girl about bedtimes lately.  I force myself to stay awake to do this much more with my laptop.  I recently ventured back into my Sims world for the first time in nearly a year (when a glitch threatened to prevent me from adopting any more babies ever, including two I specifically wanted to adopt.)  So last night I stayed up and actually beat the glitch, but it took me until noon today to do it.......

So I haven't eaten breakfast or lunch as I head off to this dinner party, which sort of frees me up a little bit.  But I should still be mindful!

And I just stood on the scale and it seemed to read 265.  I've lost that first 5 pounds and that is probably necessary to make the jump to being able to reach my goal of 20 in 2 months.

One of my motivators is remembering how it felt to lose weight last time.  Now I can't wait to feel parts hollow out a bit.  God I need to take measurements!

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