Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I used yesterday as a "Day Off" which was not supposed to be permission to pig out wildly but just permission to eat things I wouldn't usually consider on the diet.  I guess I *just* did that on my trip to Asheville.  It was in celebration of losing 10 pounds and also in the hopes of mitigating any starviness aspects.

So I have no idea how many calories I ate.  I went to eat a meal at a vegan restaurant.  I got these crab cakes my mom had last time that I swore I'd eat next time.  They were deep fried, jackfruit.  And mashed potatoes and "gravy" and grilled zucchini.  My appetite is not what it has been and the very action of putting food in my mouth is like a challenge to my stomach.  I ate about half and began to feel very outdone, mostly in and around my head.  Maybe in response to the deep-friedness.  Took the other half home and ate my leftovers about an hour later.  Later in the day, I went and got myself this gourmet snack I used to enjoy all the time, a "chocolate mousse cup."  Who knows, it might have 1000 calories in it.  It's very rich and chocolatey and it's probably the first chocolate I've had in the past couple weeks.  That was all I ate yesterday.  I came home last night and looked in the fridge and felt sicky full and drank a glass of water.  Maybe it's easier not to eat too much if you're pretty inactive.

Today I'm getting my exercise through the course of my daily activities.  I'm going to transfer more stuff over to my parents' place.  Carrying, stair-climbing, -sigh.  What a mishap this has all been.

But anyway I seem to be in the 250s now.

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