Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I've reached a new relationship with the hunger.  Instead of feeling all "Oh, I'm hungry, my stomach is an enlarging cavernous pit for me to fill with tasty food" I'm "Oh, I'm hungry, my stomach has shrunk to the size of a walnut, I wonder what I could even manage to eat, nothing sounds really plausible."

I made up a little dinner of some "refried beans" based on my memories of a recipe that I had from ediets.  Smashed up some pinto beans in vegetable broth in a frying pan with minced garlic and salsa and reduced-fat cheese.  I just happened to have all those ingredients.  I also added some more miscellany from my refrigerator as toppings - 3 bread-and-butter pickle chips, 3 black olives, and a quarter of a tomato.  I guess the pickles especially were "creative."

Total calories today:  1334, if my estimations rough out about right.

Oh, I wore my big jeans - from the infamous "before" picture at 285 pounds.  I wanted something to do housework in - so loose enough for movement and sturdy enough for housework - and I remembered these tucked away waiting for a victory photo.  Unfortunately they are really not very loose.  Tightish.  Damn.


Morning.  Weigh-in - I'm callling it 264.  Progress has been made.


MaryFran said...

We can do this!

Tight pants....not for long! You have this!

Unknown said...

I love getting creative in the kitchen. I have come up with some recipes that are keepers that way!