Thursday, October 18, 2012

262 (.5?) and sushi

Well, I fell far short of my calories goal yesterday too.  Today I may have to lather on a bit more calories.  Maybe it shouldn't bother me.  I just fear that the more I enter starvation mode, the more one slip will send my weight careening in the opposite direction from my goal.  I'm not exactly starving myself.  I had about 1050 calories yesterday.  Breakfast of egg whites, toast, butter, cheddar, salsa, and coffee with milk.  Lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and an apple.  Dinner - I was away, out, and decided I wanted sushi, so I just got the tuna maki lunch box.  Not sure how many calories that was but it was 9 small maki and it would seem to be around 250-300 calories.

I've grown to really desire sushi because I think it's a healthy meal - fish, rice, seaweed, cucumbers, avocados.  But I look at the sushi menu and find very few sushi combos that sound healthy, just because so many have creamy sauces, cream cheese, mayo, or deep fried ingredients.  Usually I wind up choosing a rainbow roll, and I do love the miso and onion soups to start, though I realize they may have a lot of sodium, I don't really worry about sodium.

So while I was worrying about whether I was starving myself, I stood on the scale and was 4 pounds less than yesterday!  I decided that was unacceptable and continued to futz with the scale until I got it to read 262-262.5.  That gives me room to weigh less tomorrow.  7.5-8 pounds down, 12-12.5 pounds to go.

Now to get those measurements before I've lost all the weight and it's too late!  :-P

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