Thursday, October 11, 2012


Day 4 - 4 pounds lost.  But that's how it goes in the beginning, right?  I sure don't want to lose my hair in 6 weeks.  I luuuuv my hair.

So, abruptly went from eating every meal at a restaurant and indulging my sweets addiction several times per day to this - weight loss mode  - large grocery bill, food preparation, packing my meals for the day, and dishes.  For 4 days.

Today I will have some exercise at last, but just by taking A Walk.  Looks like a beautiful day out there.

I don't have much to say I guess.  For the past two days I have dealt with pangs of extreme hunger.  I am considering upping my calories to 1800 until weight loss stalls, or incorporating cheat days.  I'm half thinking of going to a restaurant today - either The Original Pancake House or this new vegan place down the street that is quite delicious.  But, I'm afraid if I do that already before new patterns are established, I'll be more likely to lose momentum on my efforts and go right back to my old ways.

On days when I exercise, though, I will eat additional calories - at least for now.

I guess breakfast and a walk are waiting for me.  Yay me! for losing 4 pounds, only 16 more by Dec 7.  How exciting to think how much better-looking I'll look, cuter clothes I'll be able to wear by then!  Maybe life will even be easier on my body and my legs and feet by then!  That is all definitely going to motivate me not to fall back on my goals.

Oh - my calorie count for these first 4 days -

day 1 - 1683
day 2 - 1387
day 3 - 1675
day 4 - 1584

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