Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yes, there was weight loss showing on the scale this morning.  (268.5)  I have begun.  I'm on day threeeeeeeee.  Plththt.  Remarkable - three days without cookies or candy.  I was pretty hungry last night - this morning's breakfast really lived up to its name.  Since I went a little under calories yesterday, I'm not allowing myself to starve myself today.  I used 100-calorie slices of bread (5 today!  a major sandwich day) instead of the 50-calorie slices I used yesterday, and added a half-tablespoon of mayo to my turkey sandwich because I've been a little low on fats and don't understand these dry sandwiches.  I mean, I've never been one to glob tons of mayo on a sandwich but you want to put a thin layer over both sides of bread!  THESE ARE THE RULES!  Anyway.  With that and the dairy additions to my coffees, I'll make it to 1600 today.  I have 7 hours left in my day at work and only dinner and snack.  I try not to purposefully convince myself of the unsatisfactoriness of my small meals when the fact is I'm doing fine and only feel a little hunger as the next mealtime approaches.  Like now - it's been 3 hours since lunch, and I'm thinking about dinner.  Just having a minor mental freakout in response to going on a diet.  Blogging reminds me I'm serious about it.  Hm, was considering having a taste of the butternut squash soup I have in the cabinet at home, but maybe I should stay down around 1600 for today - that is supposed to be my daily level after all.

La la la - I'm gonna make it.  What I should really worry about is whether I have all that I need for tomorrow, including the time and energy to prepare it.


Hallie said...

I got soooo hungry. And I went to the drug store to buy some medication, and had kind of a hard time not buying a treat to eat. I DID get some gum. But then I came back here and had my little dinner at 5:30. Gotta get through. But here's a thought - I don't want to lose my hair again. I like all that hair and it takes forever to grow back.

Hallie said...

I'm hungry. Chewing gum like mad. Will go for the yogurt and wheat germ in an hour or two.