Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12, 234

Weigh-in day 234. Maybe that's just me desperate to see a change from what I was thinking of as a steady hold on 235. But I see now I weighed in at 237 last week, and 234 the week before. So I'm back to where I was 2 weeks ago.

Probably today's weigh-in is again in part due to the skipping of meals yesterday - since I woke up late and went to bed early, I didn't have time to get around to 2nd snack or dinner.

My anticipated 220 goal weight achievement was originally set at Oct 17 but was pushed up to Oct 10th for the longest time - well now it's at Oct 31 and I see that as a problem - because of a job I took in October, out of town, doing theatre, I see the potential for problems anyway.

I keep thinking of 232. It would mean something if I saw 232 on the scale. Can't I just stick to it long enough to reach 232?

Well, I had welcomed sugary foods back into my life a little - which is fine for a day, maybe one day a week, but not two days in a row or my body gets used to it and wants more.

For some reason these days it has become very difficult to keep up with the meal prep and the kitchen maintenance. Very sluggish days for me these days.

Considering the difficulty I'm having adhering to the lifestyle these days, and the holiday season coming up, and the shifting of values a little based on my dwindling finances - it's possible I might just try to hang tight at 220 for a while rather than keep working to get down to "onederland" - even though it would be great to get there, the going is feeling slow. Honestly, I'm kind of feeling internally like I'm just not going to/supposed to lose much more weight.

I must be hungry because I just had a food craving - Charlotte Cafe - they serve veggies. Lima beans and spinach I seem to be craving now. They probably serve them from cans. Maybe I'll eat there instead of having lunch or dinner today. I wonder what the caloric damage would be. :-/

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