Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15, 234

I made a strong effort yesterday to pack all my food for the day and stayed on plan. Today,... not so sure. Today's the last day of this week's meal plan, and I'm out of some foods because I didn't buy enough tomatoes because for some reason cherry tomatoes were excluded from my grocery list (not for the first time either! wtf?) Anyway, I've made my breakfast - oatmeal, having to wait for water to boil, now waiting for oatmeal to cool. Have to leave for work REAL shortly, may just have to take it with me.

I made 1st snack to take with me, but not lunch. I figure if I don't get cut at lunch time, I'll have something from Subway, something about 400-500 calories, right? And then I might not have time to do anything during my dinner break and then I have to work again tonight and at some point in time before tomorrow I have to plan next week's meal plan, print it out, and go grocery shopping.

At least I feel like I got enough sleep now. It's fantastic to feel rested.

I was hoping I'd lose more of this belly before Sunday. Sunday night there's a formal event and I have this dress which is real cute but the belly does still stick out. Oh, well, I guess that's just what I look like now. The dress is still cute even so.

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