Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8, 235

I'm wearing size 18 jeans. I'm sitting with the button and zipper undone. They're a bit tight. But the thing is, my size 20s are hanging on my hips. Maybe if I wear these 18s a little, they'll loosen up. Seems like jeans tend to do that. Or maybe I'll shrink into them. I started the 1650 calories diet today, back on the Glycemic Impact. Yesterday I wound up just not being on the diet at all - but all day yesterday I only ate the one meal and ate cake and ice cream (and only a little ice cream) and ate blond Oreos, and drank two glasses of wine. So today I say goodbye to sweets for at least until the weekend while I wait to see the result of this new reduction in calories and new return to glycemic control and working life. There were days, I remember, early in the dieting that I felt the light-headedness of hunger. I've felt it a little bit today, too. Then again, it's 11:30 pm and I've only just had lunch. ;-)


Fat[free]Me said...

It will be interesting to see how it works! Good luck!

Unknown said...

I'm feeling that hunger as well today, after going off the deep end with my eating for the last few days.
The hunger goes away though - just keep at it, you know the drill!

.... said...

Congrats on the new jean size!
If they don't fit quite yet today, well that doesn't mean they won't fit perfect in a few more days.

I can't wait to fit into my 20s. lol I seem to be losing mostly up top this time (usually it is the opposite).

Best wishes,

Learning to be Less said...

Transitioning sizes is so tough. Go with the smaller size, they will loosen up.I do 1600 calories per day. You will get used to it. I do not suggest going much lower though.