Friday, September 18, 2009

September 18, 232!!

Hello, 232, I've been waiting so long to see you.

Stayed on the meal plan again yesterday. I feel bad that that's an "accomplishment." Actually I didn't. The final dress was a catered party for the ushers at our theatre, and when I passed the bread tray and saw those slices of chewy gourmet bread I grabbed it (I was just getting ready to eat my 2nd snack). Then I grabbed one more thing - some sort of deep-fried curried ball of mash - it was very delicious. So I did not stay on the meal plan, I ate a little more than what was on the meal plan.

Started my period - I wasn't expecting that. Maybe that explains something. Not sure what it would explain.

Spent a bit of time last night squeezing my arm flab. There seems to be less fatty stuffing, making the arms flabbier now. I was fascinated to feel it and also to watch and see what my skin did, and wonder what will happen to my flab as I continue to lose weight.

I did do yoga yesterday. Just the first part, with all the dog poses and sun salutations, side stretch - warm-up stuff. But I sure felt great afterwards! Like after eating vitamin B-rich foods! I must keep doing that regularly because I like it how it makes me feel. Makes sense.

I did not walk. And since I should do something today, I think it should be a nice walk. I have the power to decide whether I want to do a lot more on this lighting design. It's ready for previews - I'd like it to be better, just for my own satisfaction. But is this play and its relatively uninspiring lighting design more important to me than my other goals in life?

Right now I'd rather (1) go for a walk (2) visit with friends and loved ones (3) explore my own creativity in ways that don't involve climbing ladders and handling dirty cable.

Tomorrow is weigh-in! I can't believe it's back again already! That's because I only just started this week's meal plan, I guess. And I've been busy. Anyway, looks like it will be a happy weigh-in (fingers crossed) and I can start looking forward to the number 230!

Also, I think I will be doing measurements tomorrow. Curious to see those.

Also. The time has come to begin preparing for life after ediets. I'm paying $18 per month for this weekly meal plan. I am glad to have lost the weight without the effort it would have taken to come up with my own plan, count my calories, and stick to it. Ediets saved me a lot of effort and confusion, both of which could have waylaid my progress and resulted in my quitting early. But, a lot of my reading list today focused on the difference between dieting and lifestyle changes for permanent results.

So, I won't make it hard on myself. I'm going to make this meal booklet, with normal meals and extravagant ones, with portion sizes, calorie, protein, fat, and carb counts, and grocery list already itemized. And my goal for this week is to have 10 - just 10 - meals ready for the new book by next Saturday's weigh-in. Hold me to it. It should be easy enough because I already have hundreds of recipes from ediets. This way if I see a food in the grocery store that inspires me, I can come home and plan a meal for it and include it in next week's meal plan!

Sound good? Well, it's what I'm going to try. So, 10 meals per week added to the meal plan book.

And, looking forward to 230.


.... said...

Congrats on your continued success!

I think your plan to wean from ediets is very sound. Making a menu plan or meal book will certainly help you in the long run.

There are also lots of free resources out there you can tap for help with meal planning. I've been using Sparkpeople to log my food & they will set you up with suggested meals (after you enter your info & goals) if that is what you desire.

Hope your weigh in goes well & that you have a wonderful weekend!


Unknown said...

You sound very organized and we all know organization is the key to success.

You made me laugh at the part about inspecting your arm flab. lol. :)

Good luck at the weigh in, I'm sure you'll do great!