Saturday, September 5, 2009

September 5, 237 - reducing calories


I'm not sure why I gained weight this week. I'm not saying I did or didn't deserve to. I did drink wine, I did guesstimate on the amount of whipped cream and canned pumpkin went into that pumpkin pie whip snack, plus had one or two more graham crackers than I was supposed to with that snack. I may have overestimated on the whipped cream. That stuff is of the devil. It was fat-free, but not sugar free! And the graham crackers probably also appealed to my sweet tooth.

Or maybe it's just a cyclical thing.

Today was weigh-in though, and I weighed in at 237 and I asked them to reduce my weekly calories, and I've switched my meal plan back to the Glycemic Index Plan. I have no business losing momentum when I'm still 15 (17) pounds from my long-term goal.

I'm a little worried, because if I was eating 1850 calories per day last week, apparently I'm down to 1600 calories this week. I just feel like that's a significant drop. I don't want to lose my cool because I feel like I'm starving or anything. That hasn't been a problem since I started this thing. This is the first time I asked ediets to reduce my calories - I don't know whether they've automatically done it before or not - maybe not. Maybe they just keep you at the level that works until you stop losing and request to reduce, which would mean I've been at 1850 since I was 285 pounds?

So, the upside is maybe I'll lose more weight this month.

A few potential hurdles. Today is my birthday, and it's just the first of several holidays. My family will take me out to dinner - possibly more than once if we can't all go at the same time. And I have another friend who wants to go out to dinner. And last night my roommate brought home champagne to toast my birthday, and she and I split the bottle.

Although, technically, the only holidays between now and my anticipated goal date (which is suddenly pushed back to November 7!) are my birthday, my Mom's birthday, and my Dad's birthday. There are also potentialities like a trip to NYC, and an out-of-town job for a week or two in October.

Nevertheless, aside from these birthday hurdles, I am committed to my newly reduced-cal meal plan and sort of eager to see if it brings me results.


jo said...

Happy birthday!!! =)

I hope the switch you are making results on the losses you want. I was just looking at your progress--you've done a terrific job. We started out at close to the same weight, but mine seems to be coming off much slower than yours! We're right around the same weight now. I had my first gain last week. Maybe it's just the number we're at. lol

266 said...

Happy birthday!