Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009 230

Hey, ok, so I kinda stopped blogging for a while. I'm spending too much time attached to this laptop, you'd think that all my life happened on a laptop. Sunday I decided to have a cheat day and I went a little wild. I actually bought more sweets than I could stuff down my face, but I made a valiant effort trying! I wound up gaining 2.5 pounds back up to 231, and today I'm 230. So you see, not much to report. Just that keeping up with food preparation is difficult when you spend too much time on a laptop.

So, that's my update.

No wait, there's more. I could write more but it comes out kind of mixed up and ugly. I'm just dealing with the question of whether losing weight will give me the kind of attractiveness I want, and how much weight do I need to lose to get there? Will losing weight even make me prettier, or is the kind of figure I desire just impossible genetically for me to achieve?

But I guess there's nothing for it but to just keep going until I know that I'm there. 220's not going to be good enough, but it might do for a rest stop.


HD@Losing Weight-Healthy Heart said...

Losing weight (so far) has not only made me feel prettier, but it is also good for my insides... hang in there during this rough patch!

Actual Scale said...

I firmly believe at least 50% of attractiveness comes from within ourselves. How we feel in general, how we feel about ourselves, our confidence levels, how our clothes are feeling, etc...

I'm down 45 or so pounds in the past year but, for me, it isn't the number on the scale that makes me feel more attractive. Since I've amped up the exercise & my body is starting to truly shrink in inches & I fit into a size smaller jeans...THAT did it for me.
I'm no where near done. I picked a number at random for my "big goal" but who knows if that is *really* the right number for me. I think you don't know until you get there. That is the vibe I get from a lot of the ladies who have lost large (80 & more lbs) amounts & are either choosing a 'stopping point' or have decided it was time to enter the world of maint.

Losing weight may make you prettier according to society's standards, but it is what you feel when you really, truly look at yourself & within yourself that matters.

The after school special is now over. ;)
The more you

Best wishes,