Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17, 233

233 pounds! I'm grabbing that number while I can. It took a few takes on the scale. Funny, when I first got to 235, I was daydreaming about 220 (even 180), but the longer I hung out at 235-240, the more my dream-vision shrunk down. Meaning, I started thinking "If I could just see 232 I'd feel some satisfaction." And then the dream of 232 became, if I could just see 233, I'd feel some satisfaction.

Yesterday went much better, in a way, although my overall productivity was terrible. I mean, I got up at 3:00 a.m. but didn't make it in to work until 2:00 p.m. And I still have a lot to do, but I seem to want to do it slowly. You know how an artist will let an unfinished canvas sit for a while, study it, make little changes, make it better, let it settle... That seems to be how I want to do this lighting design, and I think that that's very valid as an artist, although the process of theatre rarely allows lighting designers to do that. That's one reason I'm lucky to be at Actor's Theatre.

But, this blog is about my diet life, so back to the topic.

It feels much much better to be have everything printed out, and to be on the convenience plan when I am overwhelmed with the busy. There were times yesterday when I was bored or wanted to procrastinate about work and was feeling noshy and thought about eating, but then realized that I should wait if I wanted to prevent getting too hungry later.

By the time I got home that night, I was too sleepy for dinner, but I was hungry and decided I'd better make it anyway. The fish took about 10-15 minutes to prepare and cook. I ate and was asleep 15 minutes later because internet service was out.


I'm starving. But first, I'm going to get up, do yoga for the first time in forever and I miss feeling those benefits I was feeling from it this summer. I mean, it's only 20 minutes. Then breakfast, then shower, then a walk just to relax and welcome the day. Then pack up lunch and 2 snacks, and maybe dinner too. Then go to work and try to get stuff done for tonight's final dress rehearsal. There's actually an audience tonight.


Fat[free]Me said...

You really are doing great! Well done!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Great job on the weight. I think just looking at a pound or two at a time is what helped me not get overwhelmed too.