Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 3 on my own

Day 3 on my own, Day 3 of restuarant eating. This morning I weighed in at 228.

I wasn't hungry until about 4:00, at which time I decided to just have a little something to control the hunger until dinnertime at the Indian restaurant. It became half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with 1 tbsp pb and 1 tbsp cherry preserves and then a little general foods international coffee cafe francais (60 calories) with a minimal amount of protein powder mixed in and - wham, my little "bite" was 321 calories, practically a meal.

At the Indian restaurant, serving sizes were moderate, I was glad to see, and I had a glass of wine, vegetable korma on basmati rice, my friend wanted the deep-fried bread and I didn't have the cleverness to protest so I was agreeable to it. I also ate 3/4 of 1 of his 3 dosas! A glass of red wine, and then dessert - apparently forgetting I was supposed to be on a diet, but also wanting to help me feel more full and satisfied with the sweetness to top it off. I ate slowly and moderately without ever feeling like I was stuffing myself - in fact, I kinda felt like my dinner was kinda small and not filling. Anyway, for whatever reason, I got dessert - I got the deep fried cheesy-bread balls in sugar-sweet-juice. It was delicious and not at all the kind of thing I usually get for dessert, so in that way it was a good learning experience for me to sit back and savor a rich almondy sort of dessert rather than get sick on chocolate and cakes and ice cream or cookies, etc...

All told, after entering the calories into Sparkpeople (and let me tell you it took some time finding nutrition content for some of these Indian dishes) my guess as to what I consumed at dinner was 1250 calories, bringing my total for the day from just these two meals to almost 1600 calories, and I'm a little low on protein, and I'm getting hungry again.

As much as I want to keep my calorie count down to make up for the past 2 days of over-2000-calories-per-day eating and the weight I've gained, I think I might just have to allow for some kind of small evening snack - maybe carrots or celery or a V8 and some leftover deli-sliced meat.

I started doing the exercises prescribed by Sparkpeople and let me tell you - it was boring! I counted to 12 and wondered "Is this over yet?"

Anyway - hooray for the end of birthdays and restaurant meals! (Although I might be eating at restaurants a lot more over the next 2 weeks, it will be a lot easier to have more freedom to choose my own restaurant that has items that suit my caloric restrictions.) We'll see how it goes. Now that these 3 days are over, I'm kind of excited to venture out into eating the things I want to eat and discovering the caloric impact and how to make it all fit in. I'm not craving daily sweets and have felt good about the my self-management for my breakfasts - it's just in the "special occasion" dinners that things have been less in my control.


Fat[free]Me said...

Eating out is so hard, especially Indian food (my fave). Sounds like you have portion control and mindful eating in the bag though, so hopefully the damage won't be too bad.

Well done on the exercising, lol!

Crys said...

Restaurants are so tough! I gained the bulk of my weight while being on a 100% travel schedule for work. My intentions were always good but I had no clue how many calories really were in the meals. I'm a big Indian fan too. I haven't had butter chicken since I started because that's sort of like my crack! Don't beat yourself up and if you can, step up the exercise or intensity to try to help balance it out!