Saturday, October 3, 2009

October 3, 228

228 is .5 pounds loss from last week. I may have cheated on the number a little bit. In truth I didn't have a stellar week when it comes to sticking to the plan. Yesterday at work lunch was catered - I had the fried chicken patty without the bun, some cukes and grape tomatoes, and a slice of chocolate cake with rich delicious frosting. Last night I worked hard to talk myself into binging on something, anything, even though I wasn't really in the mood. It wasn't a terrible binge, but it wasn't in the diet plan. I even thought to myself, "Why am I doing this the night before my weekly weigh-in?" but I seemed to enjoy it.

Anyway, I went grocery shopping last night and have the groceries for the coming week, and I intend to do what it takes to stick to the meal plan this week so I can see a real loss next week! I feel a little impatient to reach 220, even though I know it may not happen for a while, now, with my working in Asheville next week and stuff.

I've been slacking off and losing steam, but this week I'm sticking to it. I'm kind of excited about it again!

My body craves yoga now so I must get up and at it.


Fat[free]Me said...

Here's to a better week next week!

jo said...

Fake it til you make it--that's what I tell myself when it's not fun. I'm so stubborn I do it. Good for you for shopping and being inspired for the upcoming week!