Monday, October 12, 2009

October 11, 2009 - Day 2 on my own

Day 2 on my own didn't go too well, either, as it happened. Circumstances seemed outside of my control. I guess I could have taken control of them, but in a social situation I didn't feel like it. Somehow celebrating my Dad's birthday wound up taking a lot of time out of my week (going over Friday night on his birthday, then dinner with him Saturday night, then hiking with him today and dinner afterward) and I don't mind griping here that I am pretty annoyed that that happened!! Hiking was my idea for what we'd do, then Mom said to come over Saturday night for dinner and I did.

Well, today, I again was good at breakfast time and had a good, well-balanced, 419-calorie breakfast. Then we went on a hike - relatively leisurely, actually, a few hills, but moderate and stopping every several yards to read a placard. Then I suggested we go to lunch, but since he was on his old stompin grounds, he decided to take the next 2 hours reliving his past and driving through all the old neighborhoods recognizing the houses and who used to live there. It was pleasing to me, it was neat, and it was obviously something he was really enjoying, and it took a couple of hours! Then we started looking around for a place to eat. He suggested this old BBQ place he used to go to, but it wasn't there. The next cafeteria we tried was closed. He suggested this Mexican restaurant, and at that point I vocalized that I'd like to go some place where I had half a chance of finding something on the menu not loaded down with fat. So we tried a couple more places which were either closed or weren't there anymore. Where we wound up was this "World's Best" fish camp which my memory told me was good and my common sense figured they'd at least have broiled fish on. No - they didn't. It was a buffet of fried seafood - the only vegetables were cole slaw, fries, baked potato, and mac&cheese. Oh, and this wimpy watery rice. The food wasn't even good. I'm not sure how to count it as calories because I didn't eat everything on my plate, to say the least. We were very disappointed, stuffed with bad food, and feeling a little gross and greasy. Did we ever think this place was good, or had they just gotten worse?

Well, I wasn't sure how to count it, so I just typed it in as the equivalent of a Red Lobster's fried seafood captain's platter (judging by the picture) even though I ate probably less than half of what I piled on my plate, for all I know it might have been comparative. Plus, I had an extra serving of mac & cheese (which I did find palatable) and some "cherry cobbler" to cleanse the greasy palate with something tart, picking the real cherries out from the mounds of cherry-flavored gelatinous stuff with cakey "cobbler". :-P

After all that, we got home and found out Mom had made chicken soup, which would have been so much better.

So apparently, if my guesses are remotely close to correct, I had 2572 calories today, about 1000 more than I wanted (including 378 calories of Whoppers and another slice of chocolate cake which I honestly took about 40% because I wanted a piece of chocolate cake and about 60% to help them to get rid of all that cake). 330 grams of carbs (about 80 grams too many), 105 grams of fat (about 40 grams too many) and 87 grams of protein (within sparkpeople's suggested range.)

Guess what. I am still obliged to take in one more restaurant meal, with a friend, tomorrow - and it's Indian food, and I love Indian food but I don't think the good stuff is particularly low-cal.

After tomorrow though, that's it. My social obligations/pressures to pig out will be over. I will be glad, this is a bit frustrating.

Also - we shall see - maybe I can actually go to the Indian restaurant and get a small serving of one favorite meal over some basmati rice. I already know it's a vegetarian place so I don't guess I'll be getting a sufficient ratio of protein there in all likelihood.

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