Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27, 230

I'm back up to 230. Not just a horrible increase - only 3 pounds in 2 weeks. I have passed my original October goal date to reach 220. Now I hope to achieve 220 by my November 28 weigh-in. There will be no sweets at all now for 2 weeks - no cookies, cakes, candies, no refined sugar items at all. Diet-wise, just focus on sticking to the meal plan and watching the pounds drop off and look forward to that old long-term goal of 220. And do some cardio (even if just exercise biking) twice a week, and crunches twice a week, because it is time to start rebuilding body tone, stamina, and cardiovascular health.

Though I must say - I booked it up Looking Glass Rock the other day. I only had just enough time to make it up and down before dark, and that was if I was a "strong hiker" according to the guide. The guide said a "strong hiker" could make it up in 90 minutes and down in an hour. Well I made it up in about 90 minutes, and even though I was practically running down the hill it took me about 80 minutes to come back down. I felt pretty good about it, though the next day my ankles and thighs were sore, but not cripplingly so.

So, I'm excited! Between now and Thanksgiving I'm going to finally arrive at my weight loss goal! And then we'll see how long it could take to get me down to 195!!!


What a Splurge said...

Three pounds in two weeks is nothing to worry too much about in the scheme of things. You sound very determined for the weeks coming up.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

You will get there and I think putting a moritarium on the sweets for a bit of time is a good plan. I did that too on my own journey!

Georgia Mist said...

3 pounds? Probably stress / water weight gain. Don't stress. Just get back to basics and it'll come right off!

athinnerkatie said...

You sound like me, I too am going on a sugar free couple of weeks. I don't mean to do it for long but just to purge that junk out so I stop craving it. So I am with you on this if you about to cave I am here!

cmoursler said...

I like your confidence and your attitude. kill it.
You can do this. Rooting for you from Colorado.