Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17 - ???

I brought my scale up here, but apparently I weigh a lot less up in the higher elevations or something, because I'm easily under 225, despite the fact that I DO NOT DESERVE to have lost any weight. I figure it's just the way scales vary from one place to another. Tomorrow I'll "weigh-in" at ediets as the same weight that I was at last week.

I'm having a very hard time keeping up with internet stuff because there's no internet where I'm staying. Thankfully I was given a key to the theatre so I'm here at the theatre tonight to do some internetting. I wanted to watch Project Runway, too, but I'm getting tired of being here, I'd rather be at the house...

It also makes it a little hard to manage my calories because the food is one place and the calorie-counter is somewhere else. I try to eat well, and then later I check in on the damage. I've gone over on calories every day, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. I binged on Rocky Road cookies because they were in the house and there was no possible way I could not eat them all.

It's the sugar. This morning I could have eaten a whole box of Frosted Mini-Wheats, but I forced myself to stop after the one bowl and to eat some proteins and fats to moderate my need to sugar-binge. Eggs, and toast with "light butter" however that's done, and sugar-free preserves. It did work.

Also using the slow-cooker again to make a vegetable beef stew which I ate yesterday and today.

So, I'm trying to stay within calories, to cut sugar, and to get enough protein.

I guess the good news is I just checked to see how I was doing for the day so far today (and I've only been up for 12 hours but it feels like bedtime at 2 a.m.) and I'm within range on calories, fat, protein, and carbs!! Now, I did want to have a glass of wine when I got home tonight, but I think I'll do without just to have one day within range, what a complete joy!! :-D

Having a great time in Asheville otherwise. Now hopefully I just need to find some time and some good weather to get out and enjoy it!!

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Jenn said...

Sounds like you are managing well! Good job on getting the protein in - it does help.
Have fun!