Monday, October 19, 2009

I definitely have gained, but...

Yeah, my size 18 jeans don't feel comfortable around my waist. However, I just inputted yesterday's food into Sparkpeople and, even with a Hershey bar and a glass of red wine (just one although I wanted two), I stayed within my range yesterday in all categories, calories, carbs, fat, and protein - within range! Good guessing, since I don't have a calorie counter around the house.

I have good hopes for today, too. My only reason for nervousness is that I haven't packed any food for the day and may have to rely on restaurants, but I don't feel any need to binge. It's a sunny though cold day in Asheville and I'm about to hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and I can't wait to get active, really! Then when darkness comes, I'm thinking of going shopping, because I have packed t-shirts and just a few long-sleeves and fall-weather jackets - but I was not prepared for winter weather! I need sweaters, hats, and gloves, and maybe thermal underwear, and a decent bra, because I'm envious of the boobs and bra of the star of the play I'm working on and I have nothing decent anymore. I don't even know what size I am. I've always relied on 42DD. Am I now a 40D or something? Dunno.

Oh, speaking of my size - finally saw pictures from that awards show - ugh - let's just say I'm forgiving of my imperfections as I am for everyone else's, but I can also see that my waist was still quite huge and all over I can stand to lose a lot more weight. Good to know. To have that motivation, that kick in the pants that says that just because I've lost 50 pounds doesn't mean I'm there yet. I'm only on a little hump, a transitional time, but I have further to go.

I'm at Starbucks and have just endured two episodes of "too-niceness." First, I'm at this table and this guy brought over a chair and said, "I'm going to put this chair here, if you don't mind." I was surprised, but of course, not discombobulated by the addition of a fourth chair to my table. He said, "I think it came from here in the first place, I'm just returning it." I think I said "Okay" or just gaped with nothing sensible to say. Then he said, "Unless it bothers you...?" To which I just laughed out loud! All this over a chair! I think he understood.

Then - my laptop is plugged into the wall, and this other guy said, "Do you mind if I plug into the other outlet?"

HAHAHHAA! Oh my God. No, please, go ahead.


bluenotes said...

you are SOO lucky to be in asheville right now!! it's the prettiest time of the year to be there!

I know how hard it can be to be on the run and not have any food packed...but if you're in asheville, stop by the nearest whole foods!! they have a super healthy and delicious hot bar you can eat from.

NewMe said...

The "too-niceness" people were probably Canadian...