Saturday, October 31, 2009

October 31, 223.7

Sometimes it's a little hard to peer down at the scale and try to figure out what the reading is. I couldn't 100% tell for sure if I was 224.5 or 223 or exactly what. Not enough light in the bathroom, morning bleary-eyedness? I finally decided I was under 224 a little, but not so far as 223.5 - at least that would be safer - it let's me be happy with this week's result without sabotaging next week's result.

So for Saturday weigh-in, my first since before going to Asheville, I'm at 223.7 Which is actually barely over 2 pounds down from my last official weigh-in, but is still the lowest I've weighed, and I'm getting so so close to 220!!!

Measurements, however, bring me no particular joy. They seem to waver pretty much in the same place for weeks and weeks and for always... There has apparently been some change over the months, but it takes so long to make such a minimal change and there's variations in the accuracy of the measurements anyway... :-/ I'll keep doing them though, for the hoped-for eventual payoff. Possibly the greatest changes take place in places that aren't measured by the measuring tape, like the clavicle and shoulders, or the area just above the knees., or between the mid-thigh and hips, or the lower belly bulge...

So, yesterday I finished eating dinner and was still not satisfied. This doesn't typically happen. I don't know if it's because I started eating earlier. My allocated food wasn't enough for me and then we had a couple friends over and I had a beer, some chips, and 2 candy bars - not minis. So much for my no-sweets promise.

Anyway, I'd better go eat now before I get noshy.

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cmoursler said...

I know what you mean, I have an analogue scale, and it is nearly impossible to read without my glasses. So I spend alot of time hunting around for them before weigh in. Keep up the good work!