Monday, October 19, 2009

Mango chicken?

Eurgh, this restaurant eating confuses me. I tried to guess how many calories were in the mango chicken with brown rice that I had tonight - is it possible that tonight's restaurant dinner was under 800 calories?

1 cup miso - 85 calories
5 oz. plum sake wine - 100 calories
1 cup brown rice - 216 calories
thai mango chicken - all over my plate - how many grams is that?... I guessed 360 based on 2 online sources and a guess at how many grams that was. I mean, how many grams? I didn't weigh it. I didn't hold it in my hand to see how heavy it felt. I just had to make an educated guess, and figured if a bottle of beer is 12 oz, then it might have been as heavy as that bottle of beer, and that's about 288 grams, which is about how big a 360-calorie serving of, um, some generic mango chicken is. But that just seems like not enough for a restaurant entree! It was a plate full of food! Anyway...

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bluenotes said...

thats what drives me crazzzzy about going out to eat at restaurants- i never really know what i'm eating. I try to stay away from it as much as possible.
i use this website called, and they had "thai mango chicken" listed-
it may not be exact, but hopefully it'll help you!