Thursday, July 2, 2009

feeling hungry

I'm feeling a little underfed today. I just had lunch, and snack just a little before that. Maybe it's this week's meal plan? First of all, I decided to be a little more vegetarian this week. Secondly, there's a significant amount of green pepper, onion, and canteloupe canteloupe canteloupe and strawberries this week - more than I realized when I made the meal plan. The canteloupe and strawberries was great last week, but this weeks it's not so much of a surprise anymore.

Then again, maybe it's because it's 8:00 and I just had lunch. Which, considering I had breakfast at 11:45, is only an 8-hour difference instead of the planned 7-hour difference.

Anyway, Saturday's "cheat day" is looking more and more desirable now.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of doing a little recumbent biking with my book, just a light workout to burn a few more calories today. I have 2 days to show a 1-pound loss! (So I can have a cheat day and gain it all back again! oy. be careful)

Oh! Just remembered I also get a few nuts for lunch! Maybe those will satiate me a bit.

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jo said...

A cheat day? faint! ;-)

When I'm feeling hungry, I go for carbs. I've tried to do peanuts or protein, but it just doesn't keep me full. Bad, bad, bad.

I envy those that can stay full on the protein snakcs. My hubby is that way.

You can send some of your canteloupe my way. I bought two within the last month and neither were very good. Makes my mouth water thinking about it, yum.

Have a great 4th!