Wednesday, July 1, 2009


249.5 again today. I was disappointed; I was really hoping to see something closer to the 248.5 of a couple days ago. But it's not unreasonable.

I think I'm going to go get on an elliptical trainer today and push my cardio to push myself to get a result. Right after my yoga.

I don't feel like doing yoga, actually, I just want to push the results. I learned a new 'mantra' yesterday. So when I say "I don't feel like doing yoga," I counter my negative thoughts with "Oh well." Oh, well. :-) I've really been enjoying how easy it is to bend over and reach the floor. I'm just so sleepy and lacking energy.

Speaking of energy, yesterday I danced. I danced at the store, and I really danced in my living room. Like I used to, enjoy dancing. Getting into my 280s and so on seemed to really inhibit my desire to dance. I just didn't want to, anymore. It wasn't self-consciousness. I just wasn't good at it anymore, I didn't feel like my body moved right. I don't know if I feel lighter on my feet. I know that I do feel lighter on my feet when I bound up the stairs into my apartment, that I used to trudge up.

I think I might have cheat day on Saturday - after weigh-in. Possibly Sunday.

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