Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16, 247 (at the highest!)

Yes, FINALLY! The scale bottomed out this morning. I've been praying for 248 for - what, 2 weeks? longer! - and this morning the scale is reading 247 AT THE HIGHEST. I actually could type a lower number, but I'm scared to report anything lower because 247 is already such a great drop in my reported weight.

Finally, today, I weigh less again than I have in YEARS. It's hard to believe, either that I've been so fat for so long, or that this is weighing less than that, because I am still really really fat, haha.

Last night I finally got a full night's sleep and I'm sure my body was hard at work all night trying to repair the damage I've done to my legs with all this ladder-climbing. Wow, my legs hurt this morning. I'm glad I finally have a few hours to just lie in bed and luxuriate a bit before going back to work.

Work has been so long and intense lately it's been all I can do just to throw together two snacks and a lunch before heading out the door, or before goin to bed the night before. I have not been keeping the kitchen clean and I'm just grateful that my roommate is not as busy as she's been before so she can run the dishwasher once in a while (for a change!) A couple months ago I was very busy and working long hours, but they included plenty of time to take a mental break, I guess. I was vigilant then about keeping up with the food and keeping the kitchen and dishes clean. The past few days there've been no mental breaks, so when I come home from work, I must take a load off in a major way - zapping into the internet or tv just to zone out, reach a sort of nonactive meditative state.

But I should clean up after myself.

I'm starving and my legs hurt.


Fat[free]Me said...

247 - twenty-four-seven - that is what it takes. Keeping on track all day, every day, no matter what.

You are doing so well - go you!

Hallie said...

Ha, 24/7 very clever.

Crys said...

You're doing awesome, Hallie. You've got to be feeling great to be at your lowest weight in years. I can only imagine. That magic number for me in 237. So far from now...